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The privilege card for a Stylish Lifestyle!

Become a Style Club Member today to enjoy discounts at hundreds of our Businesses & Services and save up to thousands of dollars all year long


Indulge yourself at any one of our select restaurants.

How STYLE works

As a memberof the Style club, you benefit from discounts at participating businesses and services.

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Register online and benefit from the advantages of being a Style club member.



At Testa Marketing Inc we are passionate about helping people save money without having to compromise their lifestyle. We aim to offer consumers and businesses a hassle-free discount experience across a wide base of quality, higher end businesses and services, that include cafes, clothing retailers, shoe and sporting stores, beauty salons and spas, fitness centers, jewellers, furniture stores, cinemas, florists, children’s stores, pet stores, bridal shops, catering, hotels ....and much more!

We do this by offering consumers the STYLE card which they can purchase annually to receive attractive discounts at anyone of the vendors within the STYLE card business community all year round. That translates into a lot of savings! Still in its early stages, we are working continually with a wide range of businesses to expand the STYLE Card community across Montreal and Toronto.

Our Mission

Testa Marketing Inc ’s mission is to help consumers pay less for quality products and services while also helping retail businesses increase their revenue. We do this by:

  • Enhancing the purchasing experience of its members by providing them with a means of reducing costs across a wide base of higher end products and services.
  • Assisting business owners contracted with Testa Marketing Inc. to increase their sales and customer loyalty by offering discounts of anywhere between 15-50% to STYLE card holders.

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